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Product Design​ - zifang

Product Design

Zifang has a professional design team, which can design products according to the requirements of customers. You can provide sketches, 3D renderings, etc. We will design products according to your needs and communicate with you in time to ensure that this product is what you want. Products that meet safety standards and can be recognized by the market.

Packaging and Labeling

We will design the outer packaging of the product according to different customer requirements, whether it is ordinary packaging or mail-order packaging, it will be safe and beautiful, and we can provide labeling services according to customer requirements so that the product can meet Amazon’s transportation or the specified transportation requirements.

Packaging and Labeling​ - zifang
Product Photography​ - zifang

Product Photography

We have a professional studio and photography team, which can provide you with shooting services to meet product needs, and can quickly make products available for sale. This is especially important for seasonal products, saving time and quickly occupying market opportunities. Of course, these are free of charge.


We have a mature team to manage every detail of the product, from design – modeling – proofing – experiment – production – packaging – transportation, and other aspects to strictly control every detail until the product is delivered to the customer.


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