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ZIFANG is a source company specializing in home decorations. The products are rich in variety and complete in specifications. Welcome to view.

About Zifang

Zifang was established in 1996. After more than 26 years of development, from 10 employees and 100 square meters of factory buildings to more than 100 employees and 20,000 square meters of factories. We always put customer needs first and focus on customer experience.

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Advantages of sandblasted glass marble

Compared with other shot blasting media, blasted glass ball has great advantages. Compared with iron shots and stainless steel shots, the particle size of iron shots and stainless steel shots is difficult to be less than 0.15mm. Therefore, this type of medium is often used for sandblasting of some steel castings and larger parts. Precision castings and some non-ferrous metal devices will cause these devices to deform, leave marks, and eliminate excessive stress.

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What is the process of glass processing

Each product has its own fixed process when it is processed. This cannot be changed, because before using the current method, the equipment and work have a certain order. These are the best processing methods. If we go wrong one step, it is likely to cause quality problems. Glass processing is also similar, so let’s take a look at a process of glass processing.

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What should I do if the glass lampshade is cracked?

As one of the glass products that Yongqing Bailuyuan Glass Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing, glass beads are our company’s flagship products. Ground glass beads and colored glass beads not only have a wide range of applications in the industry but also glass beads. It is also very versatile.

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