High Quality Low Price Round Decorative Glass Gems Reflective Fire Glass Beads

Fire glass does not burn; it is decorative. It is heaped around jets of burning gas, or around liquid ethanol,in order to hide the jets and reflect the flames.

Product Details
Perfect for gas fire pits, fire bowls, vase fillers, and garden landscapes. Smooth round glass beads size 1/2″ in diameter. An economical replacement for existing gas logs & lava rocks. Durable and reusable. Glass beads may come duty with dust. Please rinse it before first use. Glass should be thoroughly dry before use. Very easy and safe to use & clean. Product data
Product Name: Fire glass beads
Item No.: ZFB01P
Color Type: Crystal Luster
Brand: Zifang
Glass Size: 1/2 inch thick
Customized: Yes
Package: 10lbs Or 20lbs Per PE Bag, Then Loading Into Paper Case And Pallet , 25Kgs Per Poly Woven Bag Or Paper Bag, 40Bags Per Pallet, As Per Customer’s Requirement
Material: High quality glass put through a unique silica infusion process
All Color: Clear, shamrock green, light green, cobalt azure, light blue, aqua blue, amber, caramel, hermosa pink, dark raspberry, red, black, porcelain
Use: In fire bowls, fire pits, fireplaces
Heat Rating: Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones, etc.
Quality Control: Stringent multi-step QC process.
Place of Product Zhejiang Province,China
Cleaning: Rinse glass to remove unwanted dust from manufacturing. Dry on towel.
Tips: 10 lbs fire glass will cover around 1.2 sq. ft. with depth of 1 inch.
Recommended Uses: 1\ Fire Pits / Fireplace / Fire Bowl 2\ Mulch Glass /vase fillers 3\ Garden Decoration / Landscape 4\ Planters / Flower Arrangements 5\ Aquarium Stone / Water Features 6\ Other Creative Interior / Exterior Design 包装2(001)3(002)ZFB01P-4 效果图7(001) 效果图8(001) 效果图9(001) 效果图10_副本 效果图11_副本 CAUTION: 1、 Fire glass can be sharp and should be handled with caution. It is recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses while handling product. 2、Glass would be extremely hot. Do NOT handle for at least 2 hours after used. 3、Some beads may arrive split in half and some may split after use. This is normal due to the physical properties of the glass. 4、Keep this product away from babies and children, prevent them from swallowing or being hurt. Not for use by children.

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