Fish Tank Ornament Aquarium Pebbles Stone

Aquarium Glass Stones are perfect for the vase filler, wedding party, fire pit fireplace, crafts decoration, aquarium landscaping, etc.Their natural long-lasting color and shiny luster can be very pleasant,if you choose our Aquarium Glass Stones,you will be happy every day!

BEAUTIFUL COLORS: We offer every marine crystal gems in every color under rainbow and beyond.
MADE IN CHINA: 100% Handmade Glass Pebbles,Our supply gems are responsibly crafted from non-toxic lead free glass in china. FUN & VERSATILE: From crafts to decorating your home, our gems will do the job.Decorated your home and garden flower pots, walkway, vase filler, fish tank and aquarium. ZFSZ020_副本ZFSZ004_副本ZFSZ022_副本     Product Date
Product Name: Glass Pebbles
Item No: ZFSZ
Type: Assorted
Size: Mixed
Surface: Luster
Material: Glass
Customized: Yes
Package: 1kg 2kg 10lbs 25KG
Color: As client’s requirement
Use: Aquarium decor, Vase Filler, crafts
Quality Control: Stringent multi-step QC process.

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