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·Wide range of uses. Can be used for indoor or outdoor fireplaces using propane gas, natural gas or electricity; also for indoor glass fireplaces, outdoor stoves, fire tables and fish tanks.
·Made of high-quality tempered glass, it has strong corrosion resistance, heat resistance and effective heat retention. It can consume calories for a long time and will not degrade over time.
·Choice is plentiful. A variety of fireproof glass in different colors, different specifications and different shapes are available. Factory direct sales, the price is absolutely competitive.
·Easy to ignite and extinguish. Our fireproof glass itself is not easy to burn, can keep warm, and has high safety.

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Professional Fire Glass Supplier & Manufacturer to Provide You with High-Quality Products

Browse our catalog of fire-resistant glass products and choose the right product based on your preferences. We are committed to providing you with more complete wholesale fire glass solutions.

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Our professional team is available online 24 hours a day for your consultation.

Personalized Fireproof Glass

We provide dozens of different bulk fire glass, you can customize the style and style you want according to your needs.


Fireproof glass is available in many different shapes and can be customized. Round, square, and irregular shapes, according to your needs.


We can produce many different specifications of fireproof glass, the size depends on your preferences and needs.


We have hundreds of different colors to choose from, you can provide the color card, and we provide the color for you.


We provide several different types of outer packaging, including plastic bags, plastic boxes, and other carton boxes, and can also be customized according to your needs.

Why Choose ZIFANG?

Super innovative research and development

After years of precipitation and accumulation of experience, we have strong innovation and research and development capabilities. Be able to turn your ideas into reality and create more one-of-a-kind products together.


We have been providing customers with OEM, OEM and other services, with guaranteed quality and thoughtful service, to ensure that our customers can obtain more potential customers.

A good after-sales service

We have a professional after-sales team to provide you with professional consultation and solutions 24 hours a day. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

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