Bulk Glass Marbles

● Rich colors, glass marbles can be made into various colors and textures, providing a variety of choices to attract people of different ages.

● Glass marbles have a smooth surface and good feel, making them easier to manipulate and play with.

● By combining glass marbles of different colors and sizes, you can create a variety of interesting patterns and designs, which is highly creative.

● Support customized materials and patterns, bulk ordering of bulk glass marbles.

bulk glass marbles - ZIFANG

One-Stop Bulk Glass Marble Solution

Colorful loose glass marbles in various patterns, all made of high-quality glass ingredients. It reflects brilliant colors under the sun and is very smooth and comfortable to the touch. ZIFANG provides hundreds of bulk glass marbles with different patterns. Select your favorite glass marbles below for more details.

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Custom Bulk Glass Marbles

To meet our customers’ needs for personalized bulk glass marbles, we provide customization services. Our goal is to offer a unique and tailored experience to each customer by allowing them to create their own custom designs, colors, and patterns for bulk glass marbles.

Size and shape:

Glass marbles can be sized and shaped according to customer requirements, such as diameter, thickness and whether special shaping or engraving is required. flat glass marbles bulk is the most demanded product.

Color and texture:

Customers can choose their favorite color and texture style to create unique glass marbles. These colors can be single, gradient, or special patterns and textures.


Customers can choose the transparency of the glass marbles, from completely transparent to translucent or opaque, to meet different aesthetic needs and uses.


The packaging of glass marbles can also be designed according to the customer's requirements. It can be simple bag packaging, exquisite gift box packaging, or even the customer's own logo or brand information can be added.

Why Choose ZIFANG?

Price Advantage

ZIFANG is a renowned factory that specializes in wholesale glass marbles. By eliminating middlemen and offering direct sales from the factory, ZIFANG ensures that customers receive cost-effective glass marbles at the most affordable prices. This business model not only benefits customers by providing competitive pricing but also guarantees high-quality products straight from the source.

Professional Team

ZIFANG has a professional and well-trained team dedicated to providing first-class one-to-one service. Whether you are seeking specific product-related information or technical communication, our team will provide you with detailed answers with a 100% attitude.Rest assured, our attentive and highly skilled professionals are here to help you every step of the way.

Convenient Logistics

ZIFANG City is strategically located in Zhejiang Province, one of the most economically developed provinces in China. Located on the coast, adjacent to major ports such as Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port, logistics is convenient and is conducive to smoother cargo transportation.

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