Bulk Fire Pit Glass

● Provide diverse fire pit glass such as transparent, reflective, and strange shapes to meet the decoration and design needs of different customers.

● Our fire pit glass is of high quality, resistant to high temperatures, weathering, non-fading, and can produce beautiful light and shadow effects in flames.

● All products are fire-resistant and comply with specific safety and environmental standards, especially for use in high-temperature environments.

● Provide customized fire pit glass services that can meet customers’ special requirements for color, shape and size.

bulk fire pit glass - ZIFANG

Bulk Fire Pit Glass Solutions

ZIFANG is committed to providing one-stop solutions to all customers. We have a wide range of fire pit glass in a variety of colors and shapes and sizes. Able to meet all your needs.

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Custom Fire Pit Glass

In order to meet the different needs of different customers, we have a professional team that can provide you with more complete solutions.


We offer adjustable size fire pit glass, allowing you to personalize it to the size and shape needs of your fire pit.

Shape and color

Allowing customers to select specific shapes and colors to suit their decorative and design wishes.


Glass with different transparency levels is available to meet customers' different preferences for flame visual effects.


Allows customers to choose fire pit glass of different thicknesses to suit different environments and usage requirements.

Why Choose ZIFANG?

Extensive product range and color selection

We offer an extensive line of fire pit glass products, including options in different shapes, sizes and colors. Meet the design and decoration needs of different customers and increase the market adaptability of the product.

High quality and safety standards

Good manufacturers focus on product quality and safety, ensuring that their fire pit glass can withstand high temperatures, is not easily broken, and meets relevant safety standards. This helps increase customer trust in the product.

Technological innovation and design

ZIFANG has been investing in technological innovation and design to develop fire pit glass with special effects, reflective properties or unique designs. This innovation helps make the product stand out in the market and attract more customers.

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