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very safe

This tabletop fire pit design is beautiful, but also has a nice weight to keep it in place (14-lb). The size is great, and I included pictures of it next to a 16.9 ounce water bottle for reference. The color is a pretty coppery gold. I like that it came with some decorative glass pebbles and that I can swap them out with other colors when I want a change. The fire extinguisher lid fits perfectly, and the two ‘ceramic wool wick sponges’ inside the fire cup can be optionally used for extending the burning time. One wick should last for 5-10 fires (wick refills are also sold on Amazon). The only other things you’ll need for this fire pit table are ‘ventless liquid bio ethanol fuel’ and a long lighter wand. Overall, it’s a great tabletop fire pit and I’m enjoying it.

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